Lori is the Vice President of Wise Animal Rescue, and an office manager for two local businesses. After adopting her first rescue dog, Bella, she decided she’d like to start fostering. To do so, she connected with Tiziana Wise who was, at the time, working with another rescue. Lori quickly realized she couldn’t give up either of her foster dogs, Willow and Benny, and “foster failed” twice.

It was evident to Lori that she had a passion for rescue animals and she wanted to do more to save lives. Lori and Tiziana both had a huge spot in their hearts for homeless dogs and made it their mission to start their own rescue, which became Wise Animal Rescue. Although it can be very heartbreaking at times, Lori feels she has found her niche in life.

Lori’s goal is to help spread awareness in the community about rescue to get more people involved. She feels we need more voices to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. Lori also would like to educate others on the importance of spaying/neutering pets and how to stop animal neglect and animal cruelty.