Jennifer Quick is a project manager who uses her professional skills to keep WISE organized and operating. Jenn and her husband have two rescue dogs, Boone and Loala. Boone had been adopted and returned twice due to behavioral issues and Loala was her first foster with WISE who never left. Jenn credits Loala for teaching her about Pit Bulls and adding a special place for them in her heart.

Passionate about dogs, Jenn was looking to get involved and joined Lori and Tiziana, who were just beginning their journey to become WISE. She felt that, if she couldn’t give all dogs a home, she could at least help dogs find their perfect homes.

Jennifer is passionate about educating the community on animal welfare and believes all dogs deserved to be protected, treated kindly, and with love. While volunteering has it sad parts, Jenn feels it is hugely rewarding to see the difference she’s made in a dog’s life.