Doggie Updates


We have some very sad news to share about our girl Nancy. We had hoped for better results from her biopsy but, unfortunately, the cancer has already spread to her lymph nodes. This sweet, sweet girl was bred and bred and bred again and, now, we are not sure how much time she has left. We are going to do all we can to keep her happy and comfortable and give her THE BEST life we possibly can for her remaining days.
We are so grateful to her foster, Tracey, who has decided to keep Nancy (who she has named Lola). Lola has a new Instagram page @lolasbestyear where we will be posting her tackling her bucket list and enjoying every day
We want to make sure Lola gets everything should could ever want or need, especially medically, during her remaining time. While her original vet bills have now been paid off, she will continue to need care which W.A.R. will remain responsible for. The vet told us that she may have weeks, months, or even up to a year so we have updated her You Caring fundraiser to reflect the new amount we hope to raise.

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