On December 30th, WISE went to AHS-Newark Branch to rescue some dogs in need. When we asked the staff about different dogs, we were shown, as she was known at the shelter, Nancy. 7-year-old, Pit-mix Nancy had large mammary tumors hanging from her, almost inhibiting her from walking. She was so overbred that her body could no longer handle it. Even though she must’ve been in pain, we knew instantly this was probably one of the nicest dogs we will have ever rescued. She gave kisses and bounced from WISE member to WISE member for pets. Nancy was the sweetest dog we’d ever met.

Nancy was immediately rushed to our vet in Jersey City as we did not know if there were other medical issues going on beside the tumors that needed immediate attention. She received fluids and antibiotics while she was there and lots of love.

After a couple of days at the vet, Nancy went to an amazing foster home where she was renamed LolaLola now had 3 fur siblings and a new, wonderful family who showered her with lots of love and all the cuddles she could ever want. She got special treats, rides in her wagon, Puppaccinos, and enough love that we hope she forgot a little of her terrible past.

Lola underwent surgery to remove the 3 largest of her 5 mammary tumors. The surgery took a major toll on her but she could move around a lot more and her quality of life drastically improved. Things seemed to be on the upswing for Lola but then her biopsy results came back. The results confirmed the cancer and also told us that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes.

Weeks went by and we spoke to our vets about what was best for Lola. Unexpectedly, she began having seizures one right after the next. That’s when we knew the cancer was already in her brain. Lola was put on anti-seizure medications, but they did not work as we had hoped. Lola could barely stay awake in between her seizures, started eating only sporadically, and clearly was in a lot of pain.

We then had to make the very difficult decision to help Lola cross over the Rainbow Bridge. She was surrounded by people who loved her and who wished they could’ve done so much more for her. Lola fought as hard as she could but there was nothing more to be done. We are so happy that we could give Lola the best 37 days we could. She was the friendliest, most affectionate dog, showering everyone she met with kisses. She did not deserve the life dealt to her by her previous owner.

In Lola‘s honor, WISE has created “Lola‘s Legacy” to help more dogs like Lola–senior dogs who are in overcrowded shelters with severe medical issues in desperate need of rescue. These dogs will have life-saving surgeries, and all of the medication and expert care they need. If their medical issues are incurable, we will make sure they receive proper hospice care and that they are happy, comfortable, and loved until their passing. 




Smiling Tito - Lola's Legacy Dogs