Wise Animal Rescue Foster Application
Foster's First Name
Last Name
Your Date of Birth
Street Address
Zip Code
Home Phone #
Cell Phone #
Work Phone #
Sometimes a phone call is necessary. What is your preferred method of communication?select your preferred choice
How did you hear about Wise Animal Rescue?pick one!
1. Information About The Dog You Would Like To Foster
Is there a specific dog you are looking to foster? If so, who? If not, please go to part 2
What kind of dog(s) are you looking to foster?please specify any details
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Do you prefer a male or female?pick one!
Is size a consideration?pick one!
Great! What size are you looking for?pick one!
How soon were you looking to becoming a foster?please specify any details
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2. Personal & Household Information
Are you over 21?pick one!
Is your home telephone listed under your own name?pick one!
If no, whose name is it under and what is their relation to you?
Who will be the primary caregiver for the foster dog(s)?
Please list all persons living in your household?please list name, age & relationship on a separate lines
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Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs? If so, how do you plan to resolve this?please explain
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What type of residence do you have?pick one!
Do you have a fenced in yard?pick one!
How long have you lived at this residence?use slider to make selection
Do you own, rent or sublet?pick one!
Does your building allow pets?pick one!
Are all of your windows completely screened?pick one!
Do you travel often?pick one!
If Yes, would you plan on taking your foster (s) with you?

If no, who will take care of your foster(s) while you are away?
please explain
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What is your place of employment?(please include address & phone)
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How long have you worked there?use slider to make selection
How many hours a day do you expect your foster(s) to be alone?please describe
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3. Pet Care
Do you currently have other pets living in your household?pick one!
Yes, please list species, age, breed, sex of each animal. Are they spayed/neutered? Have any cats been feline combo tested (FIV/FeLV)?Please list below
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Have you ever had a pet before? If deceased, please give circumstances and date(s) of death. If you have had multiple pets, please feel free to give information on only the most recent.Please list below
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Have you ever taken a pet to a shelter?pick one!
Yes, please explain why and when.Briefly explain
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What kind of food do you expect to feed your foster? (We are happy to provide recommendations if needed, otherwise speak with your vet.)Please describe
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Can you financially afford to care for your foster(s)?Please select all that apply
4. Veterinarian Information

Do you have a local veterinarian? If yes, advise below

If you do not have one, we are happy to provide recommendations

Current Veterinarian Name
Current Veterinarian Address
Current Veterinarian Phone #
Animal Breed at Current Veterinarian
5. Adopters References

Reference #1

Full Namereference's full name
Phone #please provide best number to contact
Relationshiphow do you know each other

Reference # 2

Full Namereference's full name
Phone #please provide the best number to contact
Relationshiphow do you know each other

By hitting SUBMIT APPLICATION, I certify that the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and I understand that my completion of this form is no way obligates WISE to foster a dog to me. By submitting this application, I authorize WISE to contact my veterinarian and contact anyone listed.

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