Wise Animal Rescue Adoption Application
Do you live within WISE's adoption area (information can be found in the "About Adoption" section of our website)? If not, please note we will not consider your application and recommend you visit your local shelters and rescues as there are many great pets in need across the country.pick one!
Our adopters must come to a location of our choosing to meet their potential new pet. Your entire family, including any current dogs, must be present. Do you understand and accept this?pick one!
WISE reserves the right to reject any application we do not see fit and will not provide reasoning for doing so. Do you understand and accept this?pick one!
Our adoption donations range from $300-600 and we reserve the right to change this amount at any time. Do you understand and accept this?pick one!
Adopter's First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Street Address
Zip Code
Home Phone #
Cell Phone #
Work Phone #
How did you hear about Wise Animal Rescue?pick one!
Information About Your Dog Adoption Choice
WISE does not accept general applications or applications for dogs who are not listed under the "Adoptable Dogs" section of our website. What is the name of the dog you wish to adopt?
Why are you interested in adopting this dog?
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Who will be the primary caregiver of this dog?
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Personal & Household Information
What is the name of the company you work for and your position there?
What is your work address and phone number?
How long have you worked at your current job?use slider to make selection
What type of residence do you have?pick one!
Do you own or rent?pick one!
Great, You Rent!Please provide your landlord's name and phone number
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Do you have a fenced in yard?pick one!
You selected 'No', do you plan on fencing in the yard?pick one!
How long have you lived at this residence?use slider to make selection
Please list all persons living in your household?please list name, age & relationship on separate lines
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Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs?pick one!
Do you currently have any pets?pick one!
You selected 'Yes'Please list pets: Name, Type, Age, Breed, M/F, Altered, Up-To-Date Vaccinations, Familiar with Dogs
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Have you had any pets in the past?pick one!
Who was primarily responsible for your previous pet(s)?
In whose home did the pet(s) live?
Briefly describe what happened to the pet(s).
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Were any of those pets rescue dogs?pick one!
Do you understand the decompression period needed for any new dog in your home?pick one!
Are you prepared to help your new dog adjust and acclimate to your home in a slow and safe manner?pick one!
Have you ever had to find a new home for your pet?pick one!
You selected 'Yes'Please explain When? & Why?
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Pet Care
Can you financially afford to care for your new pet?pick one!
Where will the pet stay during the day?
Where will the pet stay at night?
How many hours per day will your dog be alone?select hours below
Who will exercise your dog?enter full name
How often and how?enter times/day
Who will take care of your dog when you travel?
Who else will be spending time with your dog?
Will you be using a crate for your dog?pick one!
NoBriefly explain why you wouldn't use a crate?
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Are there any behaviors you will not tolerate?Please list below
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What sort of training do you plan on providing?Please list below
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What training experience do you have?Please select all that apply
Are you willing to hire a professional trainer?pick one!
If behavioral problems arise, what is your plan for handling them?Please explain below
Do you understand that if for any reason you cannot keep the dog, you must contact and return the dog to WISE at your own expense?pick one!
Veterinarian Information

Please include all animals (dog, cat, bird, etc.) who received medical attention.  Please note you will be required to give your veterinarian permission to speak with us.
If you do not have one, we are happy to provide recommendations

Current Veterinarian's Name
Phone #
Name and type of animals treated by this veterinarian
Adopter's References

Reference #1

Full Namefull name
Phone #please provide best number to contact
Relationshiphow do you know each other

Reference # 2

Full Namefull name
Phone #please provide the best number to contact
Relationshiphow do you know each other

By hitting SUBMIT APPLICATION, I certify that the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and I understand that my completion of this form is no way obligates WISE to adopt a dog to me. By submitting this application, I authorize WISE to contact my veterinarian and contact anyone listed.

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